The Law Firm

Corporate Law

Our law firm focuses issues sustainability related issues, adopting an integrated view of the environmental, climate change and environmental markets areas, consumer relations  and company compliance practices.

Our engagement, supported by more than 20 years of experience, studies and exposure to the various sustainability themes, covers the various forms of legal risk management, such as assistance in administrative proceedings and lawsuits, drafting and execution of management programs, compliance and environmental auditing and consumer protection, coordination of licensing proceedings, among others, as well as participation in corporate operations such as mergers and acquisitions, issuance and placement of securities, structured operations, project finance and public and private investment.


Our work proposal aims at providing personalized and quality services, based on more than 20 years of study and devotion to environmental corporate law and related themes, and exposure and handling of various themes related to the sustainability of company operations.

We also assist our clients  in other fields of practice, working in association with strategic partners and correspondents in the legal, financial and technical fields, in Brazil and abroad, selected in a way that reflects the client specific needs, as well as geographical location and global strategy of the operation.

By working via a network, we also develop and coordinate specific teams to work in projects that require devoted teams, regardless of the scale and geographical coverage that are required.