Areas of Practice

Compliance and Corporate Integrity

We conceive Sustainability as one of the main pillars of Compliance and the Organization’s Integrity Programs and as one of the conditioners for the ongoing success of commercial activities. For this reason, we provide assistance to our clients aiming at the development of corporate integrity policies and practices before its internal and external public, and the corresponding integration thereof to the company’s compliance management system.

We understand compliance as every voluntary effort to comprehend and adapt to legal, ethic, corporate governance and best practices criteria that should guide business conduct, including, but not limited to, anticorruption, money laundering and ethical commercial affairs, which are extremely important, but also extensive to all structuring values of business integrity and the proper management of its externalities, including protection of the environment, worker health and safety, respect to communities directly affected by any business operation and to the consumer, among other stakeholders.

Therefore, to us, by definition, the integrity of the business only materializes when the efforts in that direction are not compartmentalized and limited to only some essential criteria of ethical business conduct, and, therefore, the incorporation of the aspects of sustainability of the company in compliance programs is essential for a full realization of the corporate integrity concept and of the benefits of the important tool that is compliance to responsibly and sustainably carry out any business activity.

In this context, our engagement in this field includes both the lactivities that are specific to the legal and  compliance management of the sustainability and environmental aspects of the company, as well as the development of these compliance modules for their insertion in broader compliance systems, in this last case jointly with partners focused on global compliance management systems.

Our engagement includes the following activities:

• Design of Compliance and Legal Sustainability and Environment Management Systems;

• Identification of the legal correspondences of the markers, internal controls and other compliance and social responsibility tools adopted by the company, aiming at the integration thereof to the company’s global compliance system, preventing redundancy and increasing the effectiveness of the compliance practices and the integration thereof with legal management, governance and social responsibility of each business unit;

• Periodic Internal Environmental Audit Programs (Legal or Integrated with the technical departments);

• Environmental Audit Activities (Legal or Integrated with the technical departments) for suppliers of high environmental risk activities (e.g., landfills, transportation of hazardous products or wastes, outsourcing of manufacture);

• Legal Research and Drafting of Legal ManagementManuals (Laws, Regulations and Technical Rules incorporated to the legal system) and Training for the use thereof by the operations departments in internal and external activities.