Areas of Practice

Climate Change and Environmental Markets

Our legal support in climate change issues includes support to the implantation of investment funds for reduction of greenhouse emissions projects (e.g.CER, VERs and REDD / REDD+ projects), payment of environmental services and , development and negotiation of project finance agreements, purchase and sale of carbon credits and other environmental assets, in addition to environmental assets project approval processes before the Brazilian and international authorities.

Our experience also includes support to private organizations (companies, traditional organized communities) and national and sub-national governmental entities to develop low carbon strategies and policies, payment of environmental services and accounting of environmental assets and the respective strategies for insertion in the national and international markets, including the avail of commercial opportunities in the international market and regional markets of emissions trade (EUTS, New Zealand, California, South Korea, among others, in addition to the voluntary market) and the corresponding synergies with the Brazilian and Latin American markets.