Areas of Practice

Environmental Law

Regularization of Rural Property under the Forest Code and Related Legislation

We are engaged in the integrated assessment (technical and legal) of the regularization of the legal environmental aspects of rural properties and in the structuring of environmental compensation projects under the Brazilian Forestry Code, from the drafting and review of the Rural Environmental Registration System (CAR), analysis of the Historic Record of Use and Occupation of the Land and identification of Permanent Preservation Areas (APPs), Legal Reserve (RL) and Consolidated Areas, up to the comparative analysis of the options of recovery or regeneration of the RL located in the property or via the environmental compensation in external areas.

When feasible, we conduct jointly with partners in the technical field and management of environmental assets, the implantation of projects and the execution of purchase and sale agreements of environmental compensation rights offered by authorized private suppliers or in conservation areas of public domain.

We are also engaged in the implantation of Regularization of Degraded Areas Plans (PRAD) or alternative strategies for negotiated solution of regularization of rural properties.