Areas of Practice

Environmental Law

Management of Contaminated Sites

We are engaged in the management of legal risks associated with contaminated sites, including legal coordinationof the investigation developments, risk assessment and environmental recovery and the interface thereof with the company’s licensing proceedings, investigations in course and in the relations with third parties potentially affected.

Our services includes the definition and implantation of regularization strategies or mitigation of environmental responsibility, negotiation and execution of Consent Agreements (TACs) with the District Attorney and other forms of solution negotiated with the environmental authorities, and strategic management of processes of assessment and mitigation of impacts on third parties. 

We are also engaged in the integrated assessment of the legal and environmental risks in the acquisition of degraded or contaminated properties envisaging the revival and change of use profile (brownfields). Our engagement includes the coordination of  multidiscipline teams to assess compliance with the environmental regulations (licensing, pollution control and, if applicable, management of the contaminated site) and municipal ordinances (zoning rules, use and occupation of the land and municipal statutes) of the target site aimed at asserting and assessing the monetary value of the regularization of the main contingencies plan, to support decision making.